Our Vision

Our Mission Statement

At Eden Primary School we aim to create a calm and caring environment where everyone and specifically each child will be encouraged to fulfil their intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional potential. Central to the creation of this environment is everyone’s commitment to the agreed moral values developing self-esteem, respect and consideration for other people, their property, culture, traditions and opinions. We aim to establish a supportive learning environment where pupils, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians and governors work together to facilitate effective learning.

Values for Eden Primary School

The following core values for everyone in our school have been identified and have been confirmed by the audit. These values are the drivers for effective teaching and learning to occur within school.

Board of Governors’ Written Principles

Our Board of Governors have drawn up the following written principles for Eden Primary School. These principles are seen as a bench mark that set the standard for everyone’s behaviour. These will be kept under review by the Governors and are considered essential for effective teaching and learning to occur.

Everyone in Eden Primary School should…

  1. Feel safe and secure
  2. Know that they are accepted and valued and that any form of bullying behaviour is not acceptable or tolerated within Eden Primary School
  3. Show kindness to each member of the school community
  4. Be sensitive to each other’s needs
  5. Be encouraged to reach their full potential through the consistent use of rewards and sanctions
  6. Show respect and consideration to others
  7. Be treated equally
  8. Work together for the good of the school
  9. Be encouraged to learn from their mistakes
  10. Be aware of those pupils who require additional support, striving to meet their needs
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