Shared Education

Shared Education

The Shared Education programme aims to improve relations between communities by educating children and young people to develop self-respect and respect for others, promote equality and work to eliminate discrimination, and by providing formal and non-formal education opportunities for them to build relationships with those of different backgrounds and traditions.

Our school enjoys an extremely well established link with St. John’s Primary School, Swatragh. The Shared Education programme is an intrinsic part of future development work for both schools. Having successfully secured the necessary funding, we are now at a stage where we are able to involve our senior pupils in this programme.

At Foundation, KS1 and KS2 level, Shared Education is embedded through the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Younger pupils are learning the language of equality and respect, whilst older pupils are becoming familiar with concepts surrounding diversity.

During this year our hope is that all classes will participate in Shared lessons with St John’s pupils.

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